Blessing the way!

blessing bracelet

When we strip away what we do for a buck and how much stuff we own or owe what defines us? I’m tempted to say nothing but that’s not true and you know it too. It’s the ‘ME’ in reMEmbering that is my truth. All that has been, the people, the animals, the plants, the wisdom, the tragedies, the ecstatic joy is the sum of who I am right now. If I could go back to all the pivotal moments of transition I would’ve paused at the intersection only to honor the journey with a ceremony to embrace who I am and who I am becoming! Sacred celebrations to make sense of the decisions that started as a hunch and have now become indented into reality. When girls become women as their bodies transform why not gather the wise women of your circle and celebrate this sacred gesture of oneness. When boys shift gear into a deeper octave and bristles dance on their faces why not gather the wise men in your clan and rejoice in the change to manhood. We have lost site of how pivotal these moments are in our lives. I say sprint with vigor to ceremony and enrich yours and your family’s life by bringing consciousness to the simple/common transitions that shape our journey into extraordinary fruition. Why walk a straight line when it’s so much more interesting to pause at the bends and rejoice in our choices.

I was privileged to attend such an event that was the blessing of a wonderful woman entering motherhood for the second time. Known as a ‘blessing way’, a ceremony steeped in Native Navajo tradition. She gathered all her most adored and admired women friends and family. We where asked to bring a bead in anticipation for threading it into a bracelet that she will wear before, during and perhaps just after the birth of her beloved child. We sat in a circle, told stories of our love for this beautiful woman, shed some tears and slowly we one by one created the ‘birthing bracelet’. The power and energy that is felt from such a sacred ceremony is something that is empowering and supportive not only to the woman we’re honoring but to all the women present. To complete the ceremony a red thread replicated as an umbilical cord was tied to the left wrist of all the women present. As soon as the baby joins us earth side all the aunties will rejoice in this miracle by cutting our cord too. It was a spectacular day and one that all women should experience.

Let’s bring back ceremony!

What is sacred in your life and what do you think is worth a ceremony? Or if you use ceremony regularly… I’d love to hear about your stories.

tying the red thread



sounding the crystal bowl! divine!


feel the love






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