Our inner quest

It was a spectacular day!
Amanda attended the quest and when she got home she was compelled to write me this note about her experience. I have her blessing to share it with you.
The Yoga Retreat – aaah – what can I say? Nurturing, deepening, enlivening, real food for the soul.
Later, when we had left the silence and the chanting and were relaxing out on the porch (while Adriana, Elise and Sam were preparing a delicious feast) I was struck with a touch of awe by a pair of beautiful king parrots who perched nearby as if to eavesdrop on our conversation.
Perhaps they had come with their own messages for us to hear. A quick trawl through the Internet and the world of animal totems revealed the following:

“Parrot has the unique ability of understanding in the animal world and the human world. Parrot reminds us to speak with careful thought – your words are a reflection of your inner spirit.
Parrot reminds us that nature is always offering us the gift of beauty, especially when we are focusing on negativity or ugliness. If we turn away from recognising beauty around us, we also turn away from Spirit.
Parrots are very social and mutually groom one another so they remind us that touch is a healing force and that sometimes all we need is a good hug from a friend.
When parrot energy is around there is often a focus on friendship and love. A good friendship is energising -it feeds our soul and assists our growth. Parrot teaches us how to reach new goals with ease, to not struggle with obstacles but to soar over them instead.

The entrance of Parrot into someone’s life usually there will be an increase in sharing and nourishment of others, as well as yourself. It tends to raise energy around you, as well as within.
Parrot emphasises the connection we have with our friends, not only our closest friends, but also distant friends and acquaintances. They all help us in varying ways and parrot promotes health in these areas.
There is a sense of celebration and joyful expression with parrot. They are an excellent example of the healing powers of social gatherings, congregations and celebrations. Parrot energy is that of parties and get-togethers, the healing ways in which we come together in groups to remember that we are an integral part of our community.”

And certainly these are the messages that I received from your retreat. But there was one more … when it was time to leave, and not wanting to break the spell, I went down to Bundeena beach for a last look around. And this is what I found …

We plan to offer another quest early in 2013.
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  1. Beautiful! I missed your retreat however the above words are so uplifting and will dwell with me today as I embrace the surroundings around me. Thank you for being such a beautiful conduit of love & healing.


  2. Thank you, Adriana and Amanda, for sharing these exquisite glimpses of your retreat. Amanda, your sharing of the significance of the parrot, and your follow-up experience on the beach, moved me profoundly. Bless you both.


    • That’s one of the beautiful gifts of retreats; it opens our eyes to really seeing the messages around us. Thank you for your comments my lovely one!


  3. Sounds amazing



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