Under my skin; a yogis story!


A yogis prayer before she leaps around her mat:

‘It is my hope that as I sit here my mind will clear and the fog will lift from my eyes.

It is my hope that throughout this practice layers upon layers will shed and I will be able to expose myself to all beings.

For this opportunity I am forever grateful. Om Shanti’ (perfect peace)

A yogis prayer as she rolls up her mat:

‘To all the great ones, known and unknown who have shed their light on the path and given me the strength to follow, I am deeply immersed in your magnificence. My heart is expanded with no boundaries in sight. I am infinite, with my soul I feel no beginning and I have no end. I am floating in the beauty of wisdom in an ocean of pure love that fills all space; that always is, that only is! Om Shanti’

….and so the yogi continues on her way; mother, wife, sister, friend, student, teacher…

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  1. Even more beautiful on the inside than out x


  2. I feel so grateful to have met this yogi on her path x


  3. so elegantly said 🙂 ❤ namaste!


  4. How very true. I arrive at my yoga class feeling tired and wretched, but float out energised and in love with the world again. Namaste.


    • we are forever evolving, shifting our perspective in hope of gradual awakenings. Yoga is the perfect vehicle for transformation.


  5. Also – I love the illustration! So clever …


  6. I too am grateful to have met this Yogi. And I need to do more of this 🙂



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