Dissolving separateness!

The notion of ‘oneness’ can be a hard one to grasp. For instance how can a homeless beggar and me ever be as ‘one’? Because the spirit only knows one thing: pure, thick, deep love!

I had a dream one night where a mans face kept being flashed to me. I awoke feeling deeply disturbed by the vision of that man. It was only his face I saw and he appeared dishevelled and wild looking. It was not a face I’d seen before yet it was an image that was being etched into my psyche. That morning I was driving to my studio and I was a little lapsed with noticing the change of traffic lights. When suddenly a man stepped in front of my car and I narrowly missed crashing into him. The distance between us was the bonnet of my car and he turned his whole body to looked at me. He was emotionless, not panicked, not alarmed, not scared. He just stood there untouched by the terror of what could have been. I leaned a far forward over my steering wheel as possible to get a clear look at his face and my heart sank when I realised I knew this man. OMG! This was the man that was been flashed to me in my dreams. He’s homeless! and just like that he continued on his way. For the rest of that day I felt intensely stirred by the whole crazy thing. I couldn’t explain how suddenly I felt connected to that man. It was nuts! As I sat in my studio not doing much work I made a spontaneous decision to go to the city library (which I’d never been to before that day). Along the way I passed a street cart selling some fruit and I bought two of everything. Some part of me (the part of me that I now refer to as the ‘knowing’) was already wised up to the purpose of why I was buying two of everything. I was starting to feel like I wasn’t me anymore and that I was being led somewhere I needed to be. One of my reasons for going to the library was to research ‘fatima’. In a psychic reading I’d had only a few days previously I was told I needed to know more about ‘fatima’. Ok, so here I am in the library with a bag full of twinsy fruit. I looked up which isle I might find some books for my research. When I get to the entrance of my isle I am completely overwhelmed with what I see and all I can do from falling over is hold my chest for fear of my heart leaping out of my body. I was frozen with astonishment. The man in my dreams, the man I had nearly run over with my car was calming sitting before me flicking through some books. All I could do was walk over to him and I very gently gave him one part of each of the fruit I had in my bag. He looked at me with a gaze that penetrated my whole being. “thank you” is all he said, as he humbly reached forward to receive his fruit. I asked him for his name and he said “john”. In that moment I understood the meaning of ‘oneness’. This clip about the cat and the dolphin took me right back to my experience with John. Devotion to love is the path to a unified heart. ONENESS! The yogis say that the purpose of being dedicated to the path of yoga is about living a wholehearted devotion to the Divine and Divine creation. Devotion is the key to unlocking our hearts. When living with an open heart, we see clearly as the pathways of our lives unfold. Thank you John.


cat and dolphin

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  1. This story gave me goosebumps. Truly. And how amazing that his name was John. I have read quite a lot about the early Christian church and researchers such as Barbara Theiring believe that the Book of John in the Bible was the gospel written by Jesus himself. So every time I hear John, I think Jesus.


    • thank you for that insight Amanda. For as long as I can remember I have doodled a name. I never thought much of it and I would write it in a font that wasn’t my usual style. That name was JOHN! it gave me goosebumps too when I met him.


  2. Reading your story moved me totally. Totally. “Devotion to love is the path to a unified heart” – and a move towards compassion, humanity and less of the ego. Thank you and John for illustrating the wonders of “living with an open heart.” xx


  3. Yaz

     /  December 8, 2012

    This is a lovely story, and the dolphin and cat video, just sublime! Thank you SO much!


    • That video is insane! I’ve watched it over and over. The two most unlikeliest creatures bonding with such affection and familiarity. My husband told me about another one with an elephant and a dog. when the dog became ill, the elephant parked herself outside where the dog was being treated. For three weeks she didn’t move from that place until her best friend, the dog was able to come outside. He said it brought him to tears to see how over joyed they where to be reunited. It’s touching and beautiful to witness Oneness. Love is the Divine in action. check it out:

      love to you!


      • Yaz

         /  December 8, 2012

        Thanks again! More examples of love that just does something indescribable within.


  4. So true, this reminds me of a beautiful quote by Thich Nhat Hanh – ” We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” You are awakening my friend! x


    • I love his wisdom. This awakening stuff takes a while… I guess that’s why we do yoga, right… stay in the moment, sit with the process, detach from expectations. That story of John happened over 20 years ago… and I’m still on that path, patient, present, going with the flow. Thanks for your insights beautiful one.


  5. 1EarthUnited

     /  December 15, 2012

    Thank you for sharing your story, and amazing video. Life certainly is a mystery, isn’t it grand?


  6. That’s an amazing dream, and a powerful story. Wow. So glad to have met you.


  7. Wow! What a fascinating story! John and you were obviously meant to meet. It sounds like you have both gained something from the encounter. I absolutely LOVE the video of the cat and the dolphin! Obviously! I’m so happy you have found my and I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Bisous Bailey


  8. That is a beautiful story!
    I can relate to the “knowing” part of myself. Sometimes I MUST do something and I don’t understand until later why. I am convinced it is God telling me. When I obey, I am amazed at the outcome -similar to your story. I really enjoyed reading this very much!


    • thank you so much for you generous words. What I take away from this experience is ‘go with the flow’, coz you just never know where it will lead us or what we’ll learn from it… and everything, everyday is another lesson in the making of US.


  9. I loved the post!
    You know, I actually recently read some works of Russian yoga institution founder guru Ar Santem, where he was saying something very related to what you wrote in your post.
    Interesting idea!
    He was saying, it’s not like we envision something, start to wait and want it to happen, use some practical tips from the well marketed law of attraction, and then Universe in response helps it happen.
    It’s rather like the Universe is sending us a demo preview of a person we are about to meet soon (in a form of a vision or a dream).
    And then when we come across that person in the middle of our casual day and stay gazing at him/her in amaze, the Universe has some good fun and takes credit for its divinity and generosity! 🙂 I had many of such experiences! ))


    • thank you… I’ll look up the guru!


      • He is a very deep one, but as he lives and practices in Russia, they only have info about him and his works in Russian language only 😦
        Couldn’t find anything in English. Hope they will get concerned with a translation soon! 🙂


  10. I had a dream once about a man in a suit. I actually found him in Italy-exactly as he was in my dreams for years. What will be, will be…


    • Dreams are powerful, sometimes much more than most of us give them credit for. The other night I dreamt of a man that I knew over 20 years ago. He has passed since then and in the dreams.. 2 in total, he told me about his suicide, his daughters, his mental illness… I never knew him well when he was alive… but I’ve had all of the dream confirmed as true. Awesome, to feel open to reaching through other dimensions. Thank you for making contact… would love to hear your Italy story…


  11. absolutely beautiful! thank you.


  12. thanks for sharing it…its beautiful 🙂


  13. Adriana, You are a generous and open soul; not everyone is as aware and tuned in enough to follow such whisperings. Beautiful story!

    Have you also seen this video? I think you’ll also love it as much as I do. 🙂


    • amazing video! It’s gorgeous to witness the coming together of two very different species. thanks for you generous comments hon. It’s really beautiful to have your energy grace my site. Much love to you…


  1. The Power to Change (Part 2) | Alarna Rose Gray

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