underwater-photographyBeautiful friend, I trust that you are just as you need to be… I have enjoyed reading through the many, many posts during my hiatus from blogging. I have only been blogging for 6 months now and it’s been surprising how like minded people really know how to find each other. With that I offer my deepest gratitude for your creative points of view, your love and passion for your journey. I must admit that starting back has been fraught with a tiny bit of anxiety and that inner voice telling me ” so, what do I have to say”… well, gulp! nothing really!
And here goes Nothing…. On the first day of the year I was unexpectedly in a traffic jam here in the middle of now where. I guess everyone else had the same idea of a fun afternoon. Anyway, I had the car full of family and the car beside ours was particularly annoyed by my move. He took the time to wind down his window and blow some colourful verbal diarrhoea my way. What! I bark back “don’t you dare use that language in front of my children” and just like feeding the shark more bait he bulged his deranged compassion well past the boundaries of his window and sprayed an array of assorted cursing. All I could come back with was “you FAT…. FISH”. There was an awkward pause I admit that, and thank goodness the traffic opened up and we escaped any further bombardment. My daughter who’s nearly 13 pipes up and asks, “did you mean to say ‘fat fish’ mum?”

Here in the southern hemisphere the schools are closed til the end of January which means my brain is only pondering stories about Fat Fish and not much else. I’ll post when I can but I probably won’t be back til the beginning of February. I am reading you though…

Peace and harmony to you and your beloveds. May our world continue to feel like ONE nation.

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  1. I love it that fat fish is the best you’ve got! Peace be with you sister x


    • thank you for the blessing… peace is what I’m going to need to get through the next three weeks of school holidays. See you soon!


  2. I invited you for coffee on my blog today. Have a look 🙂 Emma

    Fat fish is hilarious. What even is it? Did the unhappy man laugh or even crack a smile? Wasn’t the cool breeze today fabulous by the way? So many questions…… 🙂


    • And so you did… how very delightful. I didnt get to anyones posts today… that’s on tomorrow mornings list. It would be a pleasure to meet you and yes I am in Sydney or at least bordering it. I will contact you with further details…

      IF it wasn’t for the kids it would of read ‘FAT F##K’, but I couldn’t say that right!!!


      • Heehee. I swear a bit here and there on my blog (and a lot in my head and in real life on the odd day). Let’s be brave 🙂


        • In my mind I’m a viking, with a filthy potty mouth… alas, my role as a mama transforms all vulgarity to that of Mother Theresa… well, something like that. Keep up the F##king good work! he,he!


    • and no he didn’t laugh or anything… he was even more enraged. I guess he didn’t like being referred to as FAT.


  3. Yaz

     /  January 9, 2013

    ‘Fat Fish’? That is so hilarious! I don’t know how you kept a straight face!


  4. Yaz

     /  January 9, 2013

    As it happens, Adriana, I AM the Gin and Tonic sort…its one of my favourites, but am currently obsessed with Vanilla Vodka!


  5. “Fat Fish?” Too funny! Peace and love to you and may our world continue to feel like one nation; one ocean. x


  6. That gave me a laugh. Wish you much patience through the next few weeks 🙂


  7. I loved that epithet, fat fish, though I’ve never heard a fish cuss. You were probably too kind to him. But that’s all right. Because he is so unkind to himself already…


  8. How hilarious! Nothing you could have thought up later could have been a better comeback! And reading your comment response that he was even more enraged is even MORE hilarious! What a beautiful thing that FAT FISH is the worst thing you can think of to say to someone in the crunch! There IS hope for the world!!! Thanks for the great post! Diane


  9. You really made me smile with your “Fat Fish” retort. That’s quite a powerful expletive. 😆


  10. I nearly busted a gut, Adriana – thinking of how thoroughly confused a man (with such a limited vocabulary & obvious lack of creativity) must’ve been for the remainder of the day!!!!


  11. I think your remark was alot more damaging than his. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was tormented by the short loud clean remark all day. What did she call me?????



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