The passion, the love and the spirit!

legPASSION: I live right on the beach and in front of my place is a tap. It’s mostly used for feet washing or dog drinking. On this one day, I see a woman dressed in her religion covered from head to toe and she is passionately washing something at that tap. The water has been running longer than usual and being conscious of water wastage, it starts to pull my attention. I walk from the lounge to the kitchen and back and I’m starting to wonder what is needing such maticulous cleaning. With my curiousty perked I edge up to the window and take a closer look. Her husband is waiting in the car parked along side her and the kids are patiently calm in the back seat. But what is she washing? Never in a million years would I have ever guessed it was her husbands artificial prosthetic leg. She would hold the leg up as though inspecting a precious jewel, making sure that every last grain of sand was washed away and ready for her beloved to wear again. I thought about the agony this family had endured when her husband had his leg amputated and the hope this prosthetic leg had restored into their family structure. I went from being annoyed about the water wastage to being struck by an unending stream of love and devotion.

the mans beachLOVE: On another day I see a gentleman aged somewhere between old and ancient, shuffling along the beach. Just so you don’t get confused, this isn’t on my beach but one that is just around the corner and not one that I usually do a morning walk on. We cross paths and exchange our morning salutes and I can tell that this man is astute and gentle. After my third day of walking on this beach, I see the man each day and his routine is the same each time. His rhythm is slow and hypnotic as he elegantly sweeps the sand of unclaimed rubbish. His neighbourly gesture surpasses the mere act of keeping the beach clean. This man is completely devoted to this beach, his beach and he combs the sand with the grace of grooming a loved one. After he’s completed his walk, he starts a very simple yoga regime. His age restricts his moves from being too deep, but move he does. After offering a modified Surya Namaskara he then proceeds to the ocean for the completion of his ritual, but not before completely disrobing and entering the water naked. Now, when I first saw this I was completely gob-smacked as the Brits would say, and never would I have guessed he would do that. But that’s what I love about life, you just never know what’s coming. It’s really an exquiste experience to feel the water gently lap up against the whole of our body. This man was totally in love with his beach and his nakedness was his final merging with his beloved. There was no partner in sight, only his beach of unending love that he faithfully devotes himself to everyday. Beautiful sight!

King_Brown_SnakeMY SPIRIT: In one day, I see many snakes. I have a very quiet obsession about them. Now before you go all Jungian on me, or is that Freud, my libido is doing just fine. They are in my dreams mostly, either at night or just when I’m day dreaming. I imagine that one is sitting right along side me just chewing the fat and pondering life. In Bali one year, I met the very spirited Bec that was soon to become my BF on that trip. She is a turbo charged, larger than life bright spark and wherever she went I pretty much followed. So when she mentioned going to see a healer there was no question that I was going too. After our hour long trip further into the forrest we finally arrived at the healers abode; one crematorium! Interesting! He poked his bony fingers all over me and then piped up in broken english that my snakes where running loose… WHATDA! His aim was to align them to my spirit. Which I think he ABSOLUTELY did. I really feel like I’m a snake. It all started years ago when I did a vision quest. It was my third day into the solo bit and I started to see snakes. Of course I was freaked out, but I figured that after three days of not eating and hanging out with only me in the middle of the Flinders rangers, that maybe my mind was getting desperate for entertainment. Where they real or not? I couldn’t even tell anymore. But since that intensely profound trip I see them everywhere. I’m even contemplating getting a tattoo of one, as my ode to it’s spirit. A friend of mine told me that he had a premonition that when he was to meditate at a particular tree out the back of his house he would be visited by snake spirit. So this one day he sat at his tree and he settled into his medative state and before long he was indeed visited by a snake.. not a spirit, but a real one. The snake moved across his legs, stayed for a bit and then disappeared into the forrest. My friend didn’t feel fear, if anything a oneness with the simplicity of that moment. A tree, a man, a snake… that’s all. It was indeed a beautiful meditation.

What is snake energy:

Wisdom, Healing, Initiation

The symbol of eternity

This a powerful totem — it is
the symbol of transformation and healing.
The Snake is wisdom expressed through healing.

It is a protector and guardian totem,
along with its sister totems, the Dragon and the Serpent.

If a snake totem has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening.
Your intuition will sharpen and be more accurate.

Snake energy is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and
the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance.
It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation.

It also signals a transition in your life.
New opportunities and/or changes.

Snake is fire medicine, the medicine of transmutation.
On a material level, it is vitality; on an emotional level, it is ambition and dreams;
on a mental level, it is intellect and power; on a spiritual level (the highest level),
it is wisdom, understanding and wholeness.

Snake magic is heavy magic.
Become the Magician and transmute the energy and accept the power of the fire.

This is what I see… and you, what do you see?

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  1. I love this. I also know this power. Thank you for sharing it in your gentle way. Namaste my friend who gives away her light…only to grow brighter.


  2. Julie Adams

     /  January 26, 2013

    Adriana, I really loved reading this so much, you have a beautiful way of seeing the world … makes me happy.

    I could visualise all these stories … even man naked (sadly in my vision, although not offensive … he wasn’t hot) ….and it did remind me how much I LOVE skinny dipping ….

    And the snakes …. I was shooting at a farm in the Adelaide Hills this week …. and was quite sure I’d step on a snake … but kept visually the Adriana dancing snake (katy Perry playing) and felt much better.

    So sad you missed out on house – I am sure it is for a reason and there will be great news around the corner.

    Hope to see you soon!!!



    • beautiful friend… thank you so much for all your divine comments. No need to be sad, I finally found a place. Not really a house, more of a shack. Cant wait to have you over… I miss you bella… wish I could of seen your face stepping on that snake. Love you


  3. Wonderful stories Adriana. So, you live right on the beach? Like on the show Fantasy Island?


  4. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing.


  5. This is such an interesting post, Adriana, and I had to read every word, although I don’t quite understand the snake thing, but if it works for you, then I”m happy for you.


    • thank you so much beautiful friend… The snake thing is a big one to grasp and I’m still forming the picture. It’s more about the spirit and energy and quality of the snake that I am connecting with. much love to you


  6. These gentle, insightful stories speak directly to my spirit, and remind me of the sacred in everyday life. And, of course, in the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Snake so have a brilliant year dear Adriana.


  7. I had no idea that snakes meant all good things. This is great news seeing as I am surrounded by them on my property, dangerous and otherwise and I have seen all shapes and sizes. I don’t know why I am not afraid of them, specially as I grew up in a 4th floor apartment in London. Maybe now I do know why. Thanks.
    I love the prosthetic story and the old man tale. I met someone like him (without the yoga or nudity) out walking near me and we then met every week for 7 years for coffee until he died. He was awesome and will forever inhabit that walk by the water.


    • Do you still take the same walk? It’s interesting you say you’re not afraid of them… what do we really fear anyway? sure they’re poisonous but they only use it to protect themselves. And yet so many people are truly scared of them, even the thought of them. I’m not scared either… I have a healthy respect for them. When I’ve seen them on my path I just retreat and walk the other way. It’s exhilarating, more than anything. I’ve also made the choice to live in the bush and it’s about co-existing… After all, I’m the one that’s the guest here. Anyway, thanks for you comments hon… hope you’re having a good ‘long’ weekend. much love


      • Yes I still take the same walk by Pittwater most days. John has his own bench with an inscription and everything! Loving the long weekend, especially the solid rain today. Glad it didn’t stop. I am holed up at home. Saw my wallaby in broad daylight today munching away. No wonder my garden is kept trimmed. Yay! Hugs


        • now that’s a beautiful part of the world… I’m sure John is near you in spirit. I trekked around IKEA today… wild and ferral and not the sort of wilderness that rocks my world, that’s for sure.


  8. I love seeing these stories, some heard before in person, written down, and with such love and lightness of touch, they are a joy to read. X


  9. I was thinking how lucky for you to live so close to the beach; but then thought how lucky is the beach to have your beautiful spirit on its edge. Love, love the two episodes on the beach. Your writing truly captured the essence of the lady at the tap and the man on his beach. Wow, look forward to hearing more in this Year of the Snake – have an amazing one. x


    • thank you my darling one… can’t wait to see you. Had a dosa today at Maya and it just wasn’t the same without my Divine Bloggers. Thanks for the feedback. love you


  10. What a beautiful reminder about the surprising nature of being human. I always try to remind myself not to judge someone too harshly–you never know their story.

    Have you ever read “The Desiderata” by Max Ehrman? It’s one of my favorite poems that touches on these themes of being human, and filled with a sense of passion and love for our fellow human beings.


    • what a beautiful poem.. I imagine Max standing and reading it out loud, pointing his finger emphasising and gesticulating every last syllable. Deep gratitude for your comments Micheal.. now about homelands… nope, not the wife. I’m convinced Sol is the baddy.


  11. Wow, I love seeing the world through your eyes! Thanks for that info on snake energy, too – my chinese horoscope is The Snake, and this is the Year of the Snake. Not that I really know what any of that means – other than, I would like a bit of that energy kick! Love to you and your world 🙂


    • you’re so divine, beautiful Alarna… I think being born in the year of the Snake makes you one very special lady. Ok, hon this year is about coming out and letting people see all that you’ve been hibernating. Shed that skin and expose your most treasured gift… and I know from reading you last post that you’re really ready to do that. Sharing the love sister… all the way back to you! Snakes are really amazing creatures and having their spirit around you is no mistake.


      • Wow! You have such a way of making people – me – feel special 🙂 Thank you! What you’ve said – about coming out of hibernation, rings very true for me. I didn’t even realise that until this year dawned… Hugs to you (I love having a cyber sister 😉 ) xo


  12. Wow, I am just in LOVE with your incredible blog! You have such a beautiful way with words, and I was hanging onto every sentence. I learned something new today, thank you for that! Best wishes to you this week. 🙂


  13. Hi Adriana, this is such a beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing it! Much Love, Sandy


  14. I cannot decide which beautiful story I love the most! Wow…


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  16. Hello Adriana! I just read your stunning post. I have just linked back to you from my revived blog. Thanks for your words about your snakes, I want to hear more, it may shed some light on what I “see”. Hope to see you soon. xoxo



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