Two wings of the same bird!

Jim Tsinganos

Jim Tsinganos

I confess, I am a collector of words. Not just the everyday words, but the ones that seem to manifest from a pause in thought and the drawing in of a longer than usual breath. In my palm size book I have collected words from known and unknown souls that share a passion for linguistic dance. Small snippets of insights caressing my mind away from chaos, swirling whirlpools in my being to cherish beauty in all things.

Each have expanded my horizon to see beyond my peripheral vision and into that place that only the radical of thinkers would dare to couple such images together. Like this one…. a hindu proverb “The poet can reach where the sun cannot”. It’s the words that I will always remember long beyond the action. The words will always reach into me and eloquently bring to life a stillness. That very stillness that I return to, during and after each yoga practice.

Some people say they can live on air alone and for me I truly believe that words are my nourishment. While most kids were deep into fairy tales, I instead was weaving a tapestry of new and uncharted adjectives, skimming the dictionary like a scavenger in search of MORE. There is always something more to reach…



I don’t often talk about my yoga practice, not even with my students or to colleagues really. It’s very personal and honestly it’s hard to put into words what goes on…  It’s not the jumping around and the contortionist moves that keeps me keen. Today in the silence of my practice, the words that surfaced painted another landscape of understanding. One pose at a time, I sculpt a place in me that beautifully holds my essence. I am suspended from attachment to either bliss or torment. As I move my body attuned to the rhythm of my breath, I seek out that pause that naturally occurs between the paths of inhale and exhale. It’s here that I experience my most treasured gift of all. Emptiness! That emptiness is like an exquisite freedom. Perhaps like an iceberg dislodged from the land… just floating, buoyant and an island in itself.

‘Oh beloved, take away what I want,
take away what I do,
take away what I need,
take away everything
that takes me from you’ Rumi

ahhh yoga! the two core principles of yoga as outlined in the Yoga Sutras: Abhyasa and Vairagya!
Abhyasa – devoted practice
Vairagya- detachment from anything that takes us away from Remembering the self.

They are two wings of the same bird!

“they are companions in play as they flap in unison enabling the bird to fly”
The secret power of yoga by Nischala Joy Devi

From Bent to me….

Just a brief note to say HELLO…

I started off as BentPeople and perhaps it was my name that lured you to my site. With a whiff of change in the air, I’ve made the grown up decision to take ownership of who I am and change the name of my site to (me) Adriana Cortazzo. My site has two purposes: one is to keep new and current students informed of my teaching schedule and secondly, to share some fun, creative and liberating rants with a pinch or a dollop of yoga sacredness. I am inspired by the wisdom and words of the stunning Kim Rosen when she says “dare to allow the rhythm of your heart beat and your breath into the words you use…” I do wear my heart on my sleeves and hopefully into the very veins of my being. Although you are already part of my online tribe I reopen my door to you and greet you whole heartedly to this place I call me. Bless you!



Unearthing your inner wisdom. Daku Resort, Fiji!

Holiday and yoga!!! what else could I ask for in life… Please join me…

This workshop will empower you with new patterns of growth and inspire your inner wisdom to bloom with radiance and confidence. We will breathe ourselves open (pranayama), our seed of new beginnings will sprout strong and flexible roots to assure longevity of inner beauty (asanas), and our flow-er will sit inspired by all light to ‘just be’ (dharana), meditation. There will be practical guidance and plenty of laughter…

For more details head over to:


Hot like a ‘sunrise’…

my beach

my beach

Man, it’s hot in Sydney today. This is Bali heat alright! It’s funny, I’ve spent all year yearning for heat and all it’s exquisite offerings and now that it’s here I’m moving all over the house to find the coolest spot. I live on a beach ( yep, right on the sand ) and usually the breeze is in abundance but not today. Even the three trees next to my window are looking a bit limp. I should be happy but instead I’m feeling over cooked and miserable. And the kids sense my lack lustre to repremand and are taking their chances and asking me for the usual things I’d say no to… but today it’s a “yep, whatever”. “mum can I have some lollies”, “yep, sure, no probs”.

I’m willing to suck it up and say I’ve wanted this and today I’m celebrating all it’s glory and gifts:

1. It’s meant time on the beach with my boys, which normally is great except today it was too hot for them to fetch their own water so they looked to me to be their humble servant!

2. It’s pizza for dinner tonight and the heat is going to make that dough rise ‘like a sunrise’… I hope! Otherwise it’s Chinese from the bowlo.

3. Supple muscles make any yogi smile. Although, I think mine are taking a holiday from any bodily attachments, other than putting the flour in the kitchen aid, not much else is happening with this body.

4. Sleeping has felt dreamy!

6. Home-made lemonade sounds like a good idea but I’m trying to convince my body to get away from this computer to start the pizza making!

Where ever you are in the world rest assured I’m sweating for all of you today, we’re ONE right! I can do this… Big love to all!

Art, tea and me!

Murray Fredricks 


Murray Fredricks


Murray Fredericks art is mesmerising. He is an internationally renowned photo-artist with an eye for capturing beauty in emptiness. He travels to the north corner of South Australia into the heart of Lake Eyre. A land that is bleak, isolated and surreal. The photographs are more than just pictures of remote locations – they encapsulate the whole journey. Being alone, Being aware, Being present… the art of meditation. Truly exquisite!


roasted dandelions

One of my other ‘loves’ at the moment is drinking Roasted Dandelion Tea. It’s rich and full bodied and perfect for a caffeine free yogi like me. I brew it with fresh ginger and then add vanilla soya milk. mmmm, delicious!


me ‘really, really’ hard at work

Yoga anytime, anywhere!


Things I’m loving right now!

sicilian bag

This Sicilian bag makes me want to jump on a plane and head to Positano. I just love it!

bondi wheatgrass

I squeeze wheatgrass every day with oranges and apples. It’s brilliant after I finish my yoga practice in the mornings. My day isn’t complete without my green power juice!

in full bloom

Frankie is one of my favourite magazines to buy. Brilliant photography and awesome stories! It’s one of the few magazines that even the ads are great to read. Go figure!

green nail art

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