What is that thing that stops you in your tracks and commands your complete attention? Like you’ve been hypnotized. It grips you like nothing else. A direct knowing that is spontaneous and breathtaking. You just know. There is no reason for it. You just know it to be so. I just had a feeling not to get in the car with my brother and even after all these years of trusting my inner knowing, I questioned it on this occasion. I thought, come on, it’s so much easier to go with my brother than with my cousin. Like a mantra on repeat in my head, in my soul, all I knew was not to get in that car. But I’d already strapped myself into the seat. DON’T GET IN THAT CAR. The feeling was unbearable. Ok already, I’d been here before with that ‘knowing’ so against all logic, I got out of the car and into my cousins car. And less than a minute later, my brothers’ car was crashed into at full force from the passengers’ side. My side. He survived. The car did not.

Intuition is a barometer of feeling rather than thinking

There is always the question to trust or not to trust. It’s the fork in the road that can often present as a test to how far our faith can be stretched. My decision to unbuckle the seat belt from my brothers’ car was completely irrational. Even my brother questioned it and was persuading me to stay. Intuition is possibly the one completely illogical experience of TRUST, that when given faith, is a compass that charts a primal experience of intelligence that is beyond thinking and deeply imbedded in sensation. It is a barometer of feeling rather than thinking. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~ Albert Einstein.

Yoga is a graceful reminder of our innate knowledge of how little there is that separates us. Why? Because what you are thinking is what I am thinking

Intuition is like a pretty arrangement of fairy lights that allows you time to fall into a magical display of sparkling clarity, affording you tiny glimpses into limitless wisdom. This insight is like opening the cathedral door of your essential self: Your soul. I like to think that intuition could be the language of the soul and that when we step into ourselves a sacred unraveling of inner tuition is gifted. Sometimes we listen. Sometimes we twist it around so much we loose sight of it. It’s personal. It’s intimate. It’s sacred. Like a secret club we’ve pledged our undying allegiance too. It’s both comforting and tormenting. Or maybe we become slaves to it. Jung says that “In a very short time every actual situation becomes a prison to the intuitive; it burdens him like a chain, prompting a compelling need for solution”. Queue the yogi: in steps thousands of years of living by inner tuition bringing forth an ageless wisdom of connectedness. Sit and be still say the yogis. And feel. Feel your heart beat to the rhythm of raindrops. Yoga is a graceful reminder of our innate knowledge of how little there is that separates us. Why? Because what you are thinking is what I am thinking. Be present to this moment, withdraw from what was and detach from outcomes.

While I was studying in India I found out I was pregnant with my second child. It was 4.30am after I peed on the miracle stick to discover that a baby was growing in my body. I screamed so loudly that my new flat mate woke up and we screamed together. I heard her say something about her pregnancy. When we stopped jumping around I asked her what happened to her baby. She was in shock. What I thought I’d heard come out of her mouth came out of her soul. She told me that she had not spoken a word of it, yet it was the truth.

A day I will never forget was walking out of the specialist’s office juggling my devastation of being labeled SICK, Actually, DISESEASED and unable to have anymore babies. As I walked I heard the name of my friends new boyfriend being chanted at me. Continuously, over and over I could hear his name. The name of a person I had never met before. By the time I reached my home I was in such a state that I bypassed my husband and told him that I needed to speak to Nick. Nick who? I heard him say. When I finally got him on the phone, I asked him if he knew anything about Hashimotto’s disease. He paused. Then replied, yes, I have just finished my thesis on it. Nick was a naturopath. With his outstanding guidance I was cured with not one drug passing my lips. That pregnancy in India was my gift after three years of detoxing and trusting that inner knowing.


It’s truly beautiful to get into the flow. Be still. Listen up and feel our wisdom connect. It is with pride that I stand before you with a new label. I am an intuitive yoga teacher, a title bestowed to me from that secret club of wisdom.


Shaken Awake…

this was my beast that took me to uni everyday... (not exact one, but close to)

this was my beast that took me to uni everyday… (not exact one, but close to)

A lesson: I drove a worn out VW beatle to university pretty much everyday. I would remember leaving my house, picking up my friend and arriving at my destination and whatever happened in between was a blur that I called my ‘blank state’ (irrelevant) . My friend was a bubbly, care-free soul and was pretty relaxed about not fastening her seat belt ever (irrelevant). The trip was the same everyday and as usual I would ‘blank’ out for most of it (irrelevant). Then there was this particular day that changed everything… No, it wasn’t so much that a car to my left (I was driving on the right side) missed the stop sign and in full force rammed my car. It was instead, the very profound experience that happened 10 seconds prior (relevant). It was like being shaken AWAKE. Everything around me was crystal clear. I heard the voice of a woman; not my friend and not anyone else around me. But the voice from an unknown source, very sternly commanding me to order my friend to secure her seat belt immediately. The moment she clicked the belt into place was the exact time the car hit us. If she wasn’t wearing that seat belt she would of been killed and possibly me too. Who was that voice? My friend didn’t hear it, only I did..

I have been seeking the answer to the question for a long time and only until my mother passed that it became clearer to me of the possibility of who or what it was.

What I have come to learn through my many years of practicing yoga is that I am not my body. I am not my mind, but I am the light within that propels and activates energy through my body and mind – the soul. There are many layers to our living state and only identifying with the body and the mind is limiting and keeps us from deeper connections. Living from soul awareness means dissolving the veils that create the illusion of separateness. When we consciously take hold of this concept, the capacity to feel oneness becomes a reality. Our communication with each other can become very clear as though in a state of being telepathic. That state of oneness is a process of being so deeply immersed with another living soul that in that instant a very clear state of absorption begins to happen. For instance: waking up in the middle of the night just before your baby cries. Knowing when a friend is about to call you. Sensing unrest, it’s endless…

Yoga is a magnificent and elegant path that leads to a very concise immersion of ONENESS.

For my October YOGA retreat I am focusing on the union between Yoga and Psychic Metaphysical Arts. I have asked my divine and beautiful medium-ship teacher (janelle campbell) to join us and together we dive in deep offering solid methods and tools of connecting beyond this veil of what we see, feel, sense… you will love this immersion of oneness!

Details here


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