A triad of blessings…

1. Kim Rosen gave an inspiring TED talk that you must see if you haven’t already!

Mind, body, spirit!

Past, present, future!

The three little pigs!

Father, Son, Holy spirit!

2. I’m tickled pink by the brave team of YOKE MAGAZINE for stepping into a highly saturated arena of media superficiality and producing a product of intense integrity aligning itself to the very purpose of yoga being ‘a union of consciousness’.  They are an independent magazine which does not support advertising. Meaning: No ego, no peddling of the unattainable and above all no BULLSHIT!!! Om Shanti!

Me, myself and I!

Thought, word, action!

Birth, life, death!

Jack grew the bean stalk from 3 seeds!

3. Viparita Karani…. is one yoga pose that will save your life. it is a stunning asana that can swiftly alter a state of mind. My only caution is women should not do it during their cycle. It literally means, doing an inverted pose. The ideal is to use a wall but if that’s not available to you then either use the side of your bed or the couch or a chair are all very effective. Sit to the side of your prop, with your shoulder right up against the wall/bed/chair. Lower your torso to the floor while simultaneously swinging your legs upward. If you’re using a chair just allow your knees to bend and your feet to rest on the chair. What may happen during your transition is that your back may move away from the wall… so here’s what you do to get it closer to your prop. Bend your knees and flatten your feet to the wall. Lift your back and walk your shoulders inward towards the wall, then slowly lower yourself down and hopefully you’ll be closer to the wall if not touching it. With a chair you can pull it closer to you. If when you’re there your back starts to ache trying placing a firm pillow or rolled towel under your lower back, right up against the wall. Then close your eyes and enjoy the bliss of letting go!!!! It is rejuvenating, for the sheer reason that the circulation of blood is being assisted and your system can take a short break as the nectar of your being pools towards the heart effortlessly. I like to stay for 30 minutes. Your arms can either be stretched behind you or they can rest on your belly giving you an opportunity to focus on the flow of the breath. Trust me, this one is a must!! Please let me know how it made you feel…

legs up the wall

Beginning, middle, end!

Genies grant 3 wishes!

Shakespeare’s 3 witches!

I have three kids! 

The acronym of my kids names makes:  OMA… grandmother in German


OM shanti, shanti, shanti… peace, peace, perfect peace!!!

Profile: Michelle and Ezio De Angelis tune into spirit!

‘kiss’ by Jim Tsinganos

My mothers passing two and half years ago stirred a desire in me to understand more about who we are and where we go from here. The week before she passed my mother pulled me close to her as she whispered in my ear that in a week she would be dead. She reminisced her life joys and sorrows and with profound clarity she described her funeral and how the events would play out. My mother had always been bound by fear and this was perhaps the first time I’d heard her speak emancipated from any insecurity. This was her truth. I was intensely overwhelmed and excited at the same time. In exactly one week to the day my mother took her last breath just as she had told me. And indeed the funeral was as she had described it. Never before had she and I shared such a phenomena like this. From that moment on I felt an electric charge surge through me. My mothers experience set me on a course that navigated me to meeting two extraordinary people that spend their days talking to people in the after life: spirits, ghosts, guardian angels call them what you like. It’s real!

michelle and ezio de angelis

Michelle and Ezio De Angelis are psychic mediums that are recognised as ‘psychics of the year’. Their latest book postcards from the other sideanswer many of the unanswered questions of what happens when we die? Where do we go and can communication still happen? It’s a beautiful book told from compassion and reverence for all their helpers in the spirit world that came together to compile this riveting read.

I’ve had first hand experience with Ezio connecting with my mother and it was extraordinary. During the telephone session I forgot that Ezio was the medium and I felt like I was just having a catch up with my mum. There is no doubt that when the body dies the spirit lives on and on. Michelle and Ezio are my beloved teachers and they have very generously given up some precious time to be interviewed. To find out more: http://www.eziodeangelis.com.au/

How do you describe what you do for a living?

Basically, we connect people with their loved ones in the spirit world. We do this by providing what is called survival evidence. Survival evidence is comprised of details relevant to the person in spirit which can be confirmed by the person having the reading.

The reason for what we do as mediums  is to show people that though their loved ones are no longer physically with them, they are still around and that the bonds of love they shared still exist. Our goal is to bring healing and comfort through our work.

– When did you realise you could communicate with spirit?

This is a tricky one. Both of us have had many experiences with spirit dating back to our childhoods. But when you are a child, being less judgemental, you just take these things in your stride believing it is part of who you are like your eye colour!

As for doing readings, both of us were in our thirties by the time we actually consciously began to practice and develop our abilities.

– What was your first experience with spirit?

Again, that is difficult to pin point. Ezio has a great story of being in trouble for talking in class as a kindergarten student and being sent to the back of the room to face the wall. To the teachers disgust, he kept talking! To this day his mother insists that he must have been talking to spirit.

The first experiences Michelle remembers as a child were linked to profound dreams with significant people appearing in them, as well as “flying” dreams where she visited places that she later confirmed existed. Michelle also vividly recalls an experience while under anaesthetic as a young child where she was in a “tunnel” playing with other children.

– what was your confirmation of your guides and who they where?

There is no single confirmation of your guide – rather there are many. Developing a relationship with your main spirit guide is a slow ongoing process as is any relationship. Over time we saw or heard things during meditation or even had “psychic flashes” while doing some mundane chore such as watering the garden or hanging out washing. Each thing was somehow confirmed in its own way through signs and synchronicities.

Spirit Guides are enigmatic and can be very cryptic. They will lovingly support you but will never invest more in you than you do in them.

– What are a few of the major lessons you’ve learnt from the experience of communicating with spirit?

That life is eternal and spirit is our true home because it is the place we come from before birth and the place we return to after we die. That so many of the issues that take up all our time and energy on Earth have very little importance in the scheme of things. That every individual finds their way back to spirit regardless of race, religion, or the manner in which they die.
And finally, that the bonds of love we have for each other exist beyond physical death.

– What has been your most memorable reading you’ve done for someone?

For Michelle, her reading for Kerry, a lady in Queensland who lost her son Joel was very profound. Joel was a truly inspirational and special young man. He suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and showed a bravery and wisdom beyond hid years both during his short time on earth and during this remarkable communication with his mother.

For Ezio, the first connection he made between T.J. and his Mum Christine. T.J. was fatally stabbed when he went to defend a friend in an argument. He came through with Ezio’s spirit Guide Red Eagle which was most unusual and extremely moving for Ezio.

For this reason, both Joel and T.J’s stories are included in our co-authored book, Postcards from the Other Side.

How important is meditation to your work? What is your method of meditation?

Meditation is very important. It allows time to develop and deepen the relationship between a medium and their spirit guides and helpers. It also allows time to clear away the energetic build up that doing the work of mediumship causes over time.

Our methods of meditation are simple, but vary from time to time depending upon the purpose of the meditation. Occasionally we do journey work which is like a guided meditation designed for a specific reason e.g. to sharpen clairaudience (the ability to hear spirit, literal meaning clear hearing). Sometimes we meditate to music to help clear energies, or sometimes in silence. The object however is not to go into a blank silent space, but to connect with our guides and with the energies of spirit.

– what’s it like working together? Do you ever clash (about work)?

We actually really enjoy working together. Luckily, we get along really well so we very rarely clash. Often those who work together, especially in public, do clash but since we genuinely enjoy watching each other succeed, especially in bringing comfort to those who need it, it’s generally not a problem for us.

Basically our spiritual beliefs and philosophies are in tune which also helps!

-have you had an experience of the same spirit coming through both of you?

Yes. On a few occasions we have done joint readings (such as when writing Postcards – some of the readings for T.J.’s family were done together) with both of us bringing through information.

When we are doing public demonstrations together (which is the proper term for club “shows”) we quite often get a cross over – for example one of us will be reading and the other one who is waiting their turn will hear a name called out or see a particular scene and a second later the one who is reading will say that very name or describe the same scene!

– What advice would you give someone who is thinking about seeing a Medium?

Firstly, ask yourself do you have a need for the services of a medium. Mediumship is for the purpose of healing and works best when there is a genuine need rather than mere curiosity. Next, make sure you choose someone reputable! Being well known through the media is not always a reliable indicator of ability. Word of mouth is often the best recommendation. Be prepared to wait if the medium has a waiting list. If possible, find out whether the medium does public appearances such as at clubs and go and check them out before you have a one on one reading. The investment is very worthwhile – not only will you see if they can do what they claim, you will also give both yourself and your loved ones in the spirit world an opportunity to observe the process works first hand. Be cautious of a medium who guarantees you anything because we receive information, we don’t solicit it, so nobody can give an absolute guarantee on things such as answering a particular question or finding lost item.

Offering my sincere respect and gratitude to you both for all that you have opened in me! Deep love to you! Om shanti

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